Sunbirds UAVs are unique in the world, they use solar energy to fly all day long and map thousands of hectares. They’re lightweight, easy to use and affordable. With a refined design, combining accuracy and high performances, our drones are leading edge solutions to explore huge territories.

All day long flight

As our batteries reload automatically with the sun energy, we can fly all day long (and an extra 1 hour overnight).

CleanTech energy

By using renewable energy, our unmanned solutions are amongst the most respectful towards the environment.


Being silent, Sunbirds drones do not disturb what they observe and are cost-effective: we can see without being detected.

High versatility

Thanks to our interchangeable and plug & play sensors, we can operate in endless range of applications.

Applications overview


Highly enduring, Sunbirds drones map thousands of accres of crops in a single day, ...


... are operated to fight poaching, track illegal logging, or even produce wildlife footages, ...

Industrial Inspection

... detect anomalies over hundreds of miles of industrial equipments of industrial infrastructures, ...

Law Enforcement

... or can be deployed within minutes by law enforcement services in sensitive areas.