Ground station software development

  • Engineering / Software
  • Toulouse, France
  • Job posting: October 05, 2015
  • Job ID: 2015_JOB-GND-01
  • Type: Internship

Business description

Displayed UAV parameters (altitude, position, temperature...) on the ground control software allows the operator to monitor his airplane uploading to it commands as arming, take off, mode change.

It is one of the core components of the flying process as it ensures a smooth flight, and is critical in the decision making process.

Job description

Taking advantage of the existing documentation in the open source / hardware, you will be full responsible of the development of the ground control software.

Based on existing software work packages, you will develop new ones according to the needs.

Examples of features to be developped include:

  • Data connection with the UAV
  • Capture and display of the UAV parameters
  • Flight plan display on a satellite map (Google maps) and waypoints upload to the UAV
  • UAV spot on the satellite map
  • UAV commands uploads (initialization, emergency mode transition and landing)


  • Sound knowledge in software development (C++)
  • Familiarity with Qt or Qt Creator

And a fluent english !

Sunbirds presentation

Sunbirds is a young innovative start-up designing, manufacturing and marketing long-endurance solar drones, flying all day long.

Our market is mainly abroad coporate clients (both civilian and military), for uses ranging from nature protection to industrial surveillance and precision agriculture.

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