Customer first

As our clients are the turnover of the company, our tailor-made drones match their current needs and demands.

As our priority is our customers, we are always thinking one step ahead, to propose them cutting-edge drones through our several partnerships with both public and private institutions.


For the first time in the history, civil unmanned aerial aircrafts are allowed to fly for hours and travel hundreds of miles taking decisions on their own. Those operations are critical for the security of nearby people.
This is why Sunbirds makes a point of designing safe and reliable drones. We want the customer to be sure that whatever the conditions are, the right decisions and behaviours will be adopted.


The way we manage our energy will be decisive for our future. We are living a time where we have to be responsible towards the environment and invest in sustainable development.
This is why Sunbirds makes all the efforts to create products with strong added value while using clean energy.


Designed by a core-team of engineers, having a passion for aeronautics and technology, our drones reflect this as they use the latest technologies, from the batteries to the solar cells, including the sensors.
We strongly believe that innovation is at the heart of economy’s richness. Innovation is what pushes society forward with new inventions, new tools, new ways of observing and understanding our environment.


We are convinced that innovation cannot be realized without challenge. Challenge leads us to quit our comfort zone to explore new places, new people, and new solutions. It's only with challenge that we can develop new skills, leave our habits behind, and see further for a better world.

Pioneering spirit

Exploring new paths, making an adventure of our entrepreneurship, creating and experimenting new products on the market. This is what Sunbirds strives for.
We are convinced that taking risks is the key to success. It's the only way to obtain inventions totally different from what we are used to and disrupt our everyday life.