Sunbirds joined forces with the CEA (Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique) to develop cutting-edge solar cells with high efficiency, at an industrial scale.

- All our drones are manufactured in France -

Long endurance

Thanks to the real-time power supply by the Sun, we can fly for at least 8+ hours (and an extra 3 hours overnight).

Highly versatile

Thanks to our plug & play sensors, a single drone can be operated for endless range of applications.


Being 100% silent, Sunbirds drones do not disturb what they observe:
we see without being detected.

Clean energy

By using renewable energy, our unmanned solutions are amongst the most respectful towards the environment.


No bulky launcher or heavy catapult: thanks to its 4-5 lbs, you can walk with the SB-4 in hand.

Easiness to deploy

You just need to launch the SB-4 in the air, and it will automatically take over !

No hidden costs

Once you purchased it, you will not need a spare battery or to plug it somewhere to reload.


Solar cells supply the SB-4 in real-time, but the spare battery takes over if any failure occurs.


Weight: 4.4 lbs (2kgs) Avg. flight time: 8+ hours
Wingspan: 118.11 in (3m) Nominal cruise speed: 18.6 mph (8.3 m/s or 30 km/h)
Length: 53.18 in (1.3m) Radio link range: Depends on the Ground Station (9.3mi min.)
Battery pack: LiPo 2250 6S 22.2v Wind resistance: 24.8 mph (11.1 m/s or 40 km/h)
Default payload: Camera (21Mpx & 4K video) Ground Sampling Distance (GSD): Down to 0.79 in (2 cm) per pixel
Connectivity: Wi-Fi®, 3G / 4G & Bluetooth® 4.0 Type of flight: Manual or full autonomous
Propulsion: Electric propeller & brushless DC motor Launch: By hand